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A Leaders career
Our Commitment
Rosen in Latin America

A Leaders career

Colchones Rosen S.A.I.C., is a family owned company, and its shares are not listed in public Stock Exchange, the main activity is to produce and commercialize products and accessories which only purpose is to improve rest.

Founded in 1958, in the city of Temuco in Chile, this company began in a small workshop fabricating mattresses.

The quick growth that this company has faced is the result of high quality standards and the management that is compromised with the workers, the environment and customers.

In the 60’s, the company started selling in different cities in the country and opens a commercial office and distributes from the city of Santiago, being its principal goal to develop a strong distribution throughout the country and start to position ROSEN as ‘a top of mind’ brand.

In the late 70’s, the company strengthens the process of Research and Development (R&D) and also creates strategic alliances with worldwide mattress companies. Rosen in Latin America becomes the leader mattress brand, transferring all the technology in product categories such as: Mattresses, Box Spring and accessories developed specially for each client in Latin America.

Through the 80’s, the company strengthens it’s Development Plan based in 3 main areas:

1. creation of Rosen store’s called “Dormicentros Rosen”
2. a new area of R&D, which main goal is to develop permanent technological innovations 3. an innovative communication and marketing strategy

The result of these areas lead Rosen to multiply its operations, consolidating the brand, market position and sales leadership.

In the early 90’s the company started exporting to different countries in South America, consolidating an international presence, mainly in Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay, and to continue later in Paraguay, Peru and Brasil.

In the present time, Rosen has productive installations in Chile, Argentina and Peru. Owns stores in the region and also it distributes to exclusive stores in Latin America. The company also distributes products in the most important regional department stores. Rosen is a leader Mattress company in the region.

Our Commitment

High quality is our commitment
The company always has fulfield high quality standards, in the different productive stages and delivering an excellent customer service.

Raw materials and their suppliers are carefully chosen, and also technical training to our workers, from installing the sophisticated equipment and also a unique style in customer service, Total Quality has always been the goal of the company and it’s people.

Rosen has set up a high level of quality requirements to the Department of R&D and it’s productive facilities. This made possible the creation of product lines that are successful, trusted and reliable, and that they assure a product scientifically designed to provide rest to the whole family.

Millions of clients in the 50 years of the company’s history, have approved the product lines, also with the most prestigious Certification Institutes in Chile and the world.


Nuestra visión

Science and Health to accomplish rest
The company’s technology, the product lines and the expertise of our professional employees, the later being carefully selected and trained with the best scientific knowledge available. R&D is very relevant in all the productive.

Most recent researches have discovered interrelated connections in the human organism, not known of before. From the bones, endocrine, circulatory, nervous and muscular systems, and the most complex biochemical processes in the brain. All of them have a close link and relationship in sleep and full rest. The result is a better living of the human being, improving concentration during awake hours.

Rosen in Latin America

The technological and commercial development achieved by Rosen and all of its product lines, support the International expansion, crossing the geographical borders, therefore consolidating Rosen’s leadership in Latin America.

The only goal is to deliver our clients the best resting solutions, the high end technology that Rosen applies is tested day after day, night after night, in the most competitive markets in the region such as: Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay and Ecuador, all the places where the company commercializes its products, in more than 600 retail stores. All these sale points are the addition of the most important department store locations and Rosen’s stores.

Actually Rosen has more than 30 stores. This high expansion in Latin America, has been carried out by investment made by Rosen and also by a successful program of franchises and joint ventures made with important commercial partners in the continent.

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